Watch Animal Impossible (2020)
Animal Impossible (2020)

Animal Impossible (2020)

Best mates Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle risk life and limb to uncover the truth about animals in this eye opening and entertaining series. Animal Impossible takes place across the globe, finding out if cats always land on their feet? Could a squid sink a ship? Is spider silk really stronger than steel? Endlessly curious presenters Tim and Gendle want to find out. In a fresh take on natural history filmmaking, the intrepid pair quiz experts and conduct audacious stunts, including a nerve wracking swim with a great white shark, to get answers. But they find more than they expected, discovering a whole host of strange and remarkable truths about the animal kingdom. This is Animal Impossible.


Actor: Abby Hornacek



Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020-07-30

IMDb: 8